The Old One Room Ironstone School in Uxbridge has been proudly renovated by the South Uxbridge Community Association and is used to teach schoolchildren about old school days. It is also used for Footsteps in History and other events as well as for community picnics, events.

This is the third site for this one room school house, built in the mid 1800s after fire took the first two schoolhouses.

The village of Ironstone may have been among the first settled regions of Uxbridge, in the early 1730s.  'The historic Ironstone School' is an an historic building and was used a recently as 1948 as a traditional one room schoolhouse. The original building dated from 1797 and had eight grades and one teacher. Ironstone was influential in Uxbridge's historical transformation from agriculture to manufacturing. Circa 1734, Benjamin Taft, a member of the famous American Taft family, started an early iron forge, bog iron mine, and later Caleb Handy added a triphammer operation for making tools, guns and scythes at this site. The Boston, Hartford and Erie Railroad even came to the Ironstone area in the 1860s for shipping goods to the markets west and east. The Buxton family, from just across the border in Slatersville, Rhode Island, was prominent in this community in the 1700's including Captain James Buxton who fought in the Revolutionary War. A re-creation of a Fife and Drum Corps at Uxbridge has taken the name of Captain James Buxton.


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