Lookout Rock

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Off a winding, country back road off the old Quaker Highway on the way to Uxbridge from Northbridge  is Lookout Rock. It's rumored to have been a good viewing location for King Philip, the Nipmuc Chief  who attacked and killed 5-6 a short distance away in Mendon after enduring many frustrations in his early dealings with his new European neighbors, the colonists.

It is a great view across from Goat Hill, down from a great kayak/canoe access point at Plummers Landing (the old Blackstone canal stopover) and also nearby River Bend Farm and its old arch bridge, canal and farmlands (old Voss farm).  The views are worth re-visiting, at least every season as the dramatic landscape will offer both bold and subtle changes of beauty.

You could easily catch a kayaker winding his/her way around the snakelike river seen so clearly on Lookout Rock's peak.

Take a walk up or go further to walk the path to River Bend Farm, the state park offering concerts every Sunday on the summer,  a Colonial Muster and other great events during the year. Standing atop the rock, you have a view of the Blackstone River snaking its way through Northbridge and Uxbridge and through the Rice City Pond. Open from dawn to dusk.

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