The Eight Lots School

Built circa 1785-1790 on land deeded to the town in 1784, this one room schoolhouse retains its original exterior and has only had minor interior changes made in 1853. Classes were held until 1895 and resumed in 1911 until 1918. In the 1920s former pupils joined to organize the Eight Lots School Association whose purpose was to maintain the school as a community facility.

On February 6, 1928, the Town voted to deed the land and school to the Association. The group diminished to seven members by 1990. Unable to maintain the property, they deeded it to the Historical Society July 2, 1990. That Fall the gable ends were repaired, roof re-shingled and the building repainted.

Other old Sutton schoolhouses found at

Built in 1818 by Whiting Fisher, it was built on the Henry Stone farm with stones from the surrounding area. It was last used in 1914. Old Stone School House, Sutton - A One Room Schoolhouse on Old Stone Road

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