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 Celebrating the historic Blackstone River Valley!

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Publication Details:
 The fascinating and re-emerging Blackstone Valley is a wonderful destination area for new residents, visitors and longtime natives who have grown up here over many generations. Known as the Birthplace of America's Industrial Age, the Valley's history, culture and recreational opportunities are boundless and unparalleled. The quality of life, with its blend of urban cultural centers such as Providence, Pawtucket or Worcester contrast marvelously with the rural landscape and unique communities that intrigue us all with their beautiful Commons and back country roads.

Journeys brings you the diverse heritage, history,  events, assets and recreational opportunities that create a great place to live, raise our families and grow old! Visitors are also enjoying the significant heritage, history, events and running, paddling, birding, touring opportunities that exist in the Valley, too!  With beautiful photography and charming stories, each issue of Journeys aims to bring you a better understanding of our noble past, intriguing present and bright future!

Journeys is a powerful 25,000 print publication, distributed by direct mail to many of the most influential Valley decision-makers as well as distributed at over 700 sites from Worcester to northern R.I. It is the perfect vehicle to attract customers, build trust and showcase your products and services in print and online at the Valley's most popular regional website, www.Blackstone Daily.com.

Journeys is a bimonthly publication, printed on #80 premium stock, filled with color photos, community stories and events unique to our region. Popular ad sizes are shown below, but any ad size is available by per column inch rates.

300 dpi, CMYK, PDF, or TIF format.  All Fonts should be embedded and/or forwarded along with ad.


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