Education Foundation awards grants to local schools.


BLACKSTONE VALLEY  – The Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation announced that it has awarded grants totaling $38,877 to area schools for innovative programs that connect schools to communities and prepare students for the 21st century workforce.  The grants are for classroom projects in the current school year.

Eight school projects received Education Foundation grants of up to $2,500, and three received mini-grants of up to $500.  In addition, five schools received grants of up to $5,000 each through a donation from the employee-owners of Lampin Corporation, an Uxbridge precision manufacturing firm.   The Education Foundation grants and mini-grants are funded by proceeds from the Education Foundation’s annual golf tournament.

“We are grateful to the business community for supporting schools through these grants,” said Education Foundation volunteer president Christine Manners.  “These grants help the Education Foundation connect schools and businesses to enrich education and strengthen leadership in the Blackstone Valley.  It’s part of our investment in the future workforce.”


A list of the grant recipients appears below:



Millbury Public Schools

Millbury High School:  The Internship Experience – Donna Saucier.  This grant supports the Millbury High School’s school-to-career internship program by providing funds for a recognition breakfast for interns and employer sponsors and two Outstanding Intern Achiever awards.  $500.


Northbridge Public Schools

Northbridge Middle School:  Helping Hands – Rebecca Klein.  Sixth-grade world geography students will be bused to Brigham Hill Community Farm in Grafton to learn about hunger and local community action through volunteering at the farm.  $500.


Northbridge High School:  History and Community of the Blackstone Valley – Alicia Boudreau.  The grant supports the implementation of an after-school photography club, culminating in a photo contest.  $250 (partial funding).


Total Mini-Grant Funds:  $1,250


Education Foundation Grants


Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School

Heart-Healthy Horizons – Ronald Linari, Janice Muldoon-Moors, Martha Pellegrino.  Valley Tech students will plan, build and conduct a series of healthy heart activities, structures and events, which they will share with elementary school students and the community.  $2,500.


Blackstone Valley Superintendents’ Collaborative

Community and School:  Read Together, Learn Together – Lucille Boutiette and the curriculum directors’ collaborative.  This grant supports purchase of books for regional community reading day.  $1,000


Douglas Public Schools

Douglas High School:  Why Do We Have to Take Algebra? – Cindy Socha, Beverly Bachelder.  An engineer will conduct four hands-on Algebra II workshops as part of “A Field Trip in the Classroom – Engineers Teaching Algebra.”  $1,150.


Douglas Intermediate/Elementary School:  Let’s Meet Our Global Neighbors – Susan Nichols, Faye Manyak, Beverly Bachelder.  Fifth and sixth-grade students will use ePALS SchoolMail program to connect with cross-cultural peers worldwide in social studies, world geography, Spanish, and independent research classes.  $2,200.


Mendon-Upton and Millbury Public Schools

Art in the Valley – Kim Pike and Lorna Pezanelli.  Art teachers from two districts will collaboratively organize a Valley-wide K-7 student art show, tentatively scheduled for March-April to commemorate Youth Art Month and to highlight artistic achievement of students and draw public attention to the validity of arts programs in schools.  $2,500.


Mendon-Upton Regional School District

Henry P. Clough School:  Project W.I.N.D. (Weather Instruments – New Discoveries) – Beverly Hart, Heather Bozyczko, Allison Volpicelli, Lucia Castineira.  Using an inquiry approach involving a weather station and data measurement, kindergarten students will build an understanding of weather concepts through experiences with real life situations.  $1,000.


Northbridge Public Schools

Northbridge Middle School:  Motion:  In Action – John Roix.  Eighth-grade science students will be introduced to advanced technology and study of motion through design, construction and testing of model cars.  Students will attend a presentation by the Museum of Science Traveling Program on “Motion:  Speed, Velocity and Acceleration.”  $874.


Sutton Public Schools

Sutton High School:  Web 2.0:  Communication in the 21st Century – Michael Whittier.  The project will expand and enhance the Web page design curriculum by engaging students in learning emerging Web 2.0 technologies and industry standard graphics software.  Students will also learn the nature of modern Web-based communication, bringing the added dimension of providing digital audio podcasts through a low-wattage radio station.  $2,500.


Total Education Foundation Grants:  $13,724


Lampin Grants


Blackstone-Millville Regional High School

Entrepreneurial Students Giving Back to the Community – Jeanne Desjardins and

Tom Sullivan.  High school students will expand on last year’s implementation of vocational programs by operating mini-businesses in the technology and engineering department and family and consumer science department.  The program will incorporate additional classes, a career speaker’s bureau, and community service learning.  $5,000.


Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School

Manufacturing with Mastercam – David Lewis, James Woodward, Ronald Linari.

The Manufacturing Technology program’s computer-aided drafting will be enhanced by allowing Valley Tech’s two integrated programs to introduce more computer-aided manufacturing and the actual production of various components in the design and completion of robotic devices.  $5,000.


Hopedale Junior-Senior High School

The Criminal Investigation Project – Maria DaFonte, Thomas Fischer, Ann LaBrode, Alex Cunningham.  The Criminal Investigation Project will introduce students to the study of the basic principles of all types of investigation utilized in the justice system.  Students will work with law enforcement professionals; study in a multidisciplinary project-based structure; and will be challenged to creatively solve problems as they learn about crime scene investigation and create multiple crime scenes that will be investigated by other teams using forensic techniques.  $4,503.


Nipmuc Regional High School

Nipmuc Regional High School Senior Project – Jeffrey Della Rovere.  High school seniors will participate in career-related fieldwork under the guidance of a mentor, conduct formal research related to the fieldwork subject area, document the project through a portfolio, and participate in a multimedia presentation before a panel of both school and community members to communicate their research and fieldwork experiences.  $5,000.


Uxbridge High School/Taft Elementary School

The Attic Children’s Museum – Karin Knapik.  High school students will create exhibits for the Attic Children’s Museum (formerly Explore & Discover) and take on the role of museum explainers when elementary classes take field trips to the museum to explore topics in science, history, technology and more.  The museum program will be offered to other districts and the public through expanded hours, including Saturdays.  $4,400.


Total Lampin Grants:  $23,903

Total Grant Awards:  $38,877





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