Bancroft Memorial Library (added 1999 - Building - #99000188)
Also known as Hopedale Public Library
50 Hopedale St., Hopedale

Historic Significance: Event, Architecture/Engineering Architect, builder, or engineer: Howard, C. Walker Architectural Style: Romanesque Area of Significance: Architecture, Art, Education Period of Significance: 1875-1899, 1900-1924, 1925-1949 Owner: Local Gov't Historic Function: Education Historic Sub-function: Library Current Function: Education Current Sub-function: Library


Hopedale Village Historic District ** (added 2002 - District - #02000635)
Roughly bounded by Milford Town Line, Malquin Dr., Mendon Town Line and Upton Town Line, Hopedale

Historic Significance: Event, Person, Architecture/Engineering Architect, builder, or engineer: Cook, Robert Allen, Manning, Warren Harvey Architectural Style: Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival Historic Person: Ballou, Adin Significant Year: 1856, 1886 Area of Significance: Architecture, Community Planning And Development, Industry, Landscape Architecture, Religion, Social History, Transportation Period of Significance: 1825-1849, 1850-1874, 1875-1899, 1900-1924, 1925-1949, 1950-1974 Owner: Private , State , Federal Historic Function: Commerce/Trade, Domestic, Education, Government, Industry/Processing/Extraction, Religion, Transportation Historic Sub-function: City Hall, Fire Station, Manufacturing Facility, Multiple Dwelling, Rail-Related, School, Single Dwelling2 Current Function: Commerce/Trade, Domestic, Education, Government, Industry/Processing/Extraction, Religion, Vacant/Not In Use Current Sub-function: City Hall, Fire Station, Library, Manufacturing Facility, Multiple Dwelling, School, Single Dwelling2


Adin Ballou Park - .5 acres. Historical site and monument commemorating our Town founder

Hopdale Pond/Town Beach - Boating (no ramp, cartop access only, 10 hp max.), Fishing (bass, pickerel, horned pout, common pan fish), Ice Fishing (north of Bath House), Skating (lighted), Swimming (only at beach when lifeguard on-duty). Note: Town Beach closed for 2004. See FAQ section for details.

Hopedale Pond is an 86 acre, shallow, warm-water impoundment of the Mill River system, dammed-up over a cantury ago to provide power to the mills located below the dam. The pond has a large watershed or drainage area extending well to the north and encompassing North Pond (Lake Maspenock) in Hopkinton. The outflow from North Pond then flows through a series of wetlands and smaller ponds that straddle the towns of Upton and Milford until passing under Route 140 and eventually finding its way into Hopedale Pond.
Parklands - Willard Taft Nature Trail, Hiking, Biking, Wildlife Observing. Picnicing (cookout grilles provided at: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Fireplaces), Campfires by special permit only at The Lookout, Fisherman's Island, and Moroney's Grove shelters.

Mellen Field - Softball fields (2), Soccer Field, Playground, Open Space

Draper Field - Youth-Size Ballfields (4 shared, little league & softball use), Field Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Open Space.

Parklands Trail???

Town Park - 11.43 acres. Playground (lighted), Bandstand (lighted), Tennis Courts (3 - lighted), Basketball Court (lighted), Full-size Baseball Field, Open Space. Seasonal Programs: Summer Recreation/Arts & Crafts Program, Band Concerts, Cultural Events.

EVENTS: Summer Band Concerts - Wednesday Town Park 7-9 Rain Date: Thursdays

Hopedale "Day In The Park" event _ sept 21st or therabouts

Headwaters of Hopedlae Pond

The lake’s surfaceLake Maspenock Facts & Figures

area is about 234 acres.

Originally, it was probably 30 to 40 acres.

The watershed drainage area is 1813.1 acres.

The lake is bounded by Hopkinton, Milford and Upton Massachusetts..

The lake is approx. 2 miles long on a north/south axis and 2000 feet at the widest part.

The Indian name “Maspenock” means 'The Waters At The Base Of The Great Hill'

The lake is the headwaters of the Mill River, which flows on to the Blackstone River and then to the Atlantic Ocean.

It takes approx. 260 days to fully displace the entire lake’s volume.

The lake contains approx. 619,116,900 gallons of water.

The lake has a mean depth of 8 feet and is 20 feet at its maximum.

The flow rate is approx. 28 ft per second.

The lake’s base elevation is 348 ft.

The lake is at Latitude 42degrees 10min55secN and Longitude 71 deg33m12secW

The lake’s shoreline is approx. 6.4 miles.

A 15-ft earth fill vertical masonry walled dam is at the southernmost point. The dam was constructed in 1834.

Lake Maspenock is a "Great Pond”. Ordinances for great ponds were created as far back as 1641. A great pond is a body of water greater than 10 acres and come under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.



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