Did you know that Lake Manchaug was named after an Indian Chief named Manchaug who drowned in the lake?

In the early twentieth century efficiency and industry were the watch words of the day.  Lillian Gilbreth, the “mother of modern management,” became one of the most famous individuals trying to perfect the art of living and parenting.  And did you know that in 1912 she moved her famous family to Rhode Island, where she received her Ph.D. from Brown University?

The Blackstone Canal was built between 1824 - 1828 from Providence to Worcester. It had 48 locks and descended 438-450 feet from Worcester south to Pawtucket when it merged with Moshassuck River and into the brackish waters of the Great Salt Cove, now filled in as part of Providence.

In November 2006. a canal symposium was held in Worcester with ensuing field trips in both R.I. and MA. The Executive Summary of the study can be found here.


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