Blackstone Cemeteries:

Blackstone Cemetery Tour - created by Blackstone Historical Commission October 4, 1987

The tour begins on Mendon Street in Blackstone. Mendon Street is off Rte 122.

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  Blackstone Federated Church - For more than 150 years, services have been held at this Church St/Mendon St church. The Blackstone Manufacturing Co built this church as a Congregational Church originally before becoming a Baptist Church in the 1930s. The colored glass windows were obtained form the old Universalist Church in Woonsocket, yet the Church was burned in 1927 before being rebuilt.
  Northerly about 3/8 mile from the Blackstone Federated Church is the Blackstone Cemetery. Fifty feet east of the stone building is Welcome Farnum's gravesite. 5.10.1874. Many young people are buried here as well as soldiers (1863)
  Verry Cemetery - Going north until you reach Lincoln Street intersection, Verry Cemetery is on the left.  A family cemetery
  BMR Cemetery - a short distance away, in front of BMR High School is another small cemetery. In front of second lamp post on left.
  The Friend's Mtg House and Cemetery - continue east until you reach Lincoln Street intersection. Take a left heading north until you reach the Elm Street merge. Take a right on Elm Street heading southeast. On the right before Handy Road is the Friend's Meeting House on the former Rehoboth Rd (now Elm St). This is Blackstone's oldest public building still in its original state and services are held sometimes where descendants of the original Quakers attend.
  Continuing on Elm Street, just pass Bellingham Road on the left is the Four Families Cemetery. Ross, Darling, Joslin, Marden.
  Turning around from Four Families and backtrack to Summer Street (northwest). Take the left on Summer Street until you reach the Farm Street intersection. Take a left onto Fram Street until you reach Gaskill Street. St Paul's Cemetery is on the right.  St Paul's Cemetery is on a hill over looking a skating pond. Dates of the Irish graves go back to 1865 and hometowns range from Cork, Dublin, Kilkenny, Tipperary and Kerry. (probably brought to work on canal, etc). OlderIrish family lots go back to 1851 under the oak tree.

Graves for Wm McCormick, soldier of Spanish-American War and French and Polish graves, too. Rev William A Power 1837-1902, Pastor of St Paul's Church 1870-1902.

  Continue on Gaskill Street, heading west until you reach Main Street. At St Paul Street intersection lights, take a left on to St Paul Street. Go past Municipal Building and Canal Street and St Paul's Church is on right. St.Paul's Church, built in 1850 is the only church in the U.S. to be situated in two states. The altar is located on the Massachusetts side and a foyer entrance on the R.I. side. The Church was destroyed on March 29, 1932 at an estimated loss of $200,000. Lawn parties, whist parties and many other forms of fundraising occurred to provide funds for rebuilding. One fundraiser was a supper for WW1 heroes with a band playing and a flag raising.

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