38 South Street - Clapp / Whitney House - built in 1828

"It was built and lived in for a few years by carpenter and builder George Clapp who had a carpentry shop on the property. The original Grafton Schoolhouse of 1731, which stood behind the Baptist Church, was moved to this property, and forms part of the present rear ell of the house"

(Note: Our 1990 Historical Inventory does not list a precise date for the moving of the schoolhouse building)


118 Pleasant Street - (corner of Fitzpatrick Road) former Saundersville School - 3rd quarter of the 19th century

"This was the site of the Saundersville School at least as early as 1831, although the present building probably dates to the last half of the 19th century. In 1895, this was one of nine school buildings owned by the town, including three still un-graded schools (two of which, Keith Hill and the Farms, were discontinued that year) The last was George Hill. Saundersville School had an enrollment in 1895 of 67, the smallest of any of the graded schools, except for Waterville, which had 21 pupils."


185 Pleasant Street - former Saundersville School - Built in 1869

"Considered the most intact of Grafton's 19th Century school buildings.
Replaced two earlier school buildings in Saundersville."


27 Main Street - South Grafton Community House -  Built in 1872


106 Elmwood Street - site of original Saundersville School

(We will have to check if the present building at 106 includes any of the original school building)


71 Waterville Street (current Dumas residence)

According to our sources this residential building includes the original one, possibly two room Waterville school, mentioned in the 1895 Grafton School Board annual report. We will need to check to see if we can determine a construction date for this building.

79 Old Upton Road - The Read Fiske House

"The District #5 schoolhouse was moved from the upper end of Keith Hill Road
and attached to this building, the former Bearfoot Farm, sometime in the
1920's. The date of the original schoolhouse building construction is
unknown, and it closed as a school at the end of the 1890's."

Source: Town of Grafton Historical Inventory - 1990-1991