St. Brigid's Church, Millbury

Worcester County's  first recorded baptism took place in Millbury on April 23, 1833 when Father Fitton visited Millbury's Catholics. Baby Charles Ryan was christened. Millbury, at the time, was the headquarters of Father Fitton's missionary travels for central Massachusetts, though it was determined that when it came time to build a Church that Worcester was more "conveniently accessible to all". Hence, St. John's, formerly known as Christ Church was built on Temple Street, Worcester.

St. Brigid's Church in Millbury serves the parish area that Father Fitton originally served in the 1830s. The Church itself is a combination of old and new with fairly modern architecture, yet its "bell tower and angular lines convey a Gothic impression". Interior heavy wooden beams add to the sense of being old, but the altar extends into the church proper which was considered very progressive in response to the new liturgy at the time (1955).

This Church was dedicated on October 30, 1955 and it replaced a wooden church structure from 1851 that stood on the old Providence Road (Rte 122) site. Reverend Laurence O'Toole was the presiding Rector that oversaw the construction of the Church and the nearby rectory.

(This historical information was taken from Jack Frost's 1956 book on Worcester County's Roman Catholic Churches titled, The Church in Worcester, New England. It has a foreward by Bishop John Wright, whose name can be seen on many dedication plaques throughout Worcester County as presiding Bishop in the 1950s.)