MILLVILLE (Mother Mendon) Historical Periods

Contact 1500-1620 Native Americans - Intersection of primary Indian trails, seasonal hunting from range base camp in Uxbridge

fishing, agriculture, hunting

Plantation 1620-1675 No Colonial Settlement - used as fields for Mendon citizens

Colonial 1675-1775 - South Parish - difficulty with keeping preacher

Federal 1775-1830 Industrial Development - 1814 woolen mills (first on Blackstone)

ProtoIndustrial - Fulling mill, grist, sawmill, 1830 corn mill, saw mill, two woolen mills, scythe mfr

Millville locks

Early Industrial 1830-70 - Providence & Worc RR, RR to NY, Blackstone Canal abandoned 1849

Industrial production - fine satinets, broadcloths, cassimeres

Labor & Management - Worker housing concentrations

Industrial Dev - distillery, stone shoe shops, blacksmith shops, tailor shop, carpenter shop, sawmill, gristmill

ProtoIndustrial - woolen mill on island and operating by 1870

Late Industrial - 1870-1915 - streetcar service

Industry: Woonsocket Rubber Factory, Lawrence Felting Co., high-quality woolens, steam powered milling, scythe factory - small industry disappears

Labor violence

Early Modern 1915-40 Industrial decline - effect of depression, unemployment on town, town run by municipal finance committee