Paragon Dog training

Whether you arrive for dog training, doggie day care or boarding, when you pull up to the historic barn on School Street in Northbridge, you will sense your dog will be happy here. Nestled on 25 acres, Paragon Dog Training Academy is founded on a philosophy as solid as the beams of the antique barn. Bob Clark, President of Paragon Dog Training Academy, will help you to dismiss your misconceptions about dog training and teach you the proper way to establish a connection with your pet. You will learn to have “mutual respect and trust toward your dog”.

You will be taught how dogs think and that prevention is the key to successful training. Bob is a dog lover and it is this love that gives him the resolve to ensure that every dog and owner will be happy. Years of watching the sad consequences of improper or non-existent training led Bob to dedicate himself to spreading the word about training. Growing up in Ashland, Massachusetts Bob realized early on that he enjoyed working with dogs and that he had a gift for training them. After being exposed to the philosophy of Dr. C.W. Meisterfeld, Bob left his life in the corporate world to embark in this business. Considering himself a “people trainer” Bob explains that dogs need guidance and direction, if given none they will either become neurotic or aggressive.

Training begins the moment you decide on adding a dog to your family. Training is not only for puppies Bob can work with dogs any age. The first step is to bring yourself and your dog in for a free evaluation by Bob, (puppies around 10-12 weeks old), and Bob then sets up a personalized training plan for you and your pooch. You will not be handed over to an assistant Bob personally handles the training. Sessions usually last for 10 weeks and there are “lifetime” refresher classes free of charge. You will find the same fundamental philosophy in the doggie day care program offered at Paragon Dog Training Academy. The dog’s day is scheduled with free play, rest time and structured play incorporated in the daily routine.

While he will not promise you your dog will be a pampered pooch, Bob Clark will promise you that your dog will be treated with respect and trust. This is the highest compliment he can pay your beloved pet.