Roger Williams

A thorough series of online articles describe the life of Roger Williams, the founder of Providence whose ideas for religious tolerance, freedom and conscience were not  received  positively in Boston when he came from England to become assistant pastor for the Church. Williams' philosophy contradicted certain of the established dogma, so he shortly sought to establish this freedom of religion in a new location where his ideas could flourish. 

The First Baptist Church in America

The First Baptist Church in America  was founded by Roger Williams in 1638. The strong principles espoused were primarily the freedom of conscience and freedom of religion which helped formed some of the tenets and  foundation of the Constitution. The present Meeting House, built in 1774-5,  is a blend of early American meeting house and English Georgian architectural styles. Sunday services are ongoing and visitors are welcome.

Touro Synagogue

This National Historic Site, the Touro Synagogue, located in Newport, Rhode Island,  is the oldest synagogue in America.  Peter Harrison, the most prominent architect in the Colonial era, designed and helped dedicate the finished synagogue in 1763. The building is known as one of the most distinguished in America and well-known for George Washington's visit in 1790. Washington declared that this new country would "give to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance".

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