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Dairy Farms in Uxbridge


Blackstone Daily thanks Rene Thibault for these terrific photos depicting another era in Uxbridge and Whitinsville when farms were thriving and a major force in our cultural heritage. Many of these lands have already been lost to sprawl, but these photos will forever remind us of another time. Carol Masiello, who kindly wrote the overview article on the dairy farms, also worked with Rene to capture these photos. Thanks to both! Enjoy!

The stone wall was built in 1875 by Whitin's men during the 1875 depression. It is part of the Castle Hill farm, a hobby farm on Sutton Street, part of the 100 acre open lot.

JoEarl Farm, or Earl Parker's farm is located on East Hartford Street at Rockmeadow Road, Uxbridge.


Grey Rock Farm, a former hobby farm of another Whitin brother who owned Uxbridge Cotton Mills. It is now the Uxbridge Progressive Club and is located on East Hartford Avenue in Uxbridge.

The Indian Rock Farm is owned by the Legg family and can be seen on West River Road by Pout Pond.

The Visser Dairy Farm is located right before the operating Bangsma Farm on William's Hill, Uxbridge.

The Wassenar Farm, aka Maple View Farm, is located on West Hartford Ave just before Hazel Street

Haringa Farm is on Rawson Street across fromt he Van Der Zicht Dairy in Uxbridge.

The Clover Hill Farm is located on Sutton Street in Uxbridge.






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