The Barn Project

Barn on Fay Mt Rd, Grafton


Sweetwilliam Farm, Upton


A Local Initiative to Digitally Capture Our Rural Past

The Barn Project - For description, click here.

This will become a running log of Valley barns and their history soon!

Other Buildings

Photographer Tom Collins Weblog of Beautiful Photos of Barns   

Any donations made will be used for creating a dedicated website, establishing non-profit status, ongoing graphic design and gathering historic documentation of each barn. An accounting will be maintained and available to the public, upon request, if donations are made. Names will be recorded unless a request for anonymity is made.

Steps to Preserve Your Barn:

1. Know What You Have - Photo -Documentation of Exiting Conditions (Cost Estimates) & Get Oral and Written History

2. Stabilization - You Can Do Something Now. Give yourself time to plan and contact resources, including giving time for right craftsman to get there.

3. Rigging. Prepare for Rigging. Be safe, be careful and thorough but know when to stop.

4. Traditional Timber Frame Repair Joinery, Foundation Repairs, Roof Repairs.

5. Finishing - Save historical integrity. Be practical and prepare for adaptive re-use.

6. Maintenance: Create a maintenance schedule, get insurance (replacement policy and fire protection). Get preservation easements.

Local Resources The Lawrence Barn Preservation Mass Barn Non-Profit Topsfield MA Historic Gould Barn Aaron Sturgis // Jack Sobon (Experts)
IMPORTANT LINKS The Timber Framers Guild Preservation Trades network (PTN) Historic Windsor Inc, The Preservation Institute Survey Checklist


Herb Farm Barn in Chepachet, R.I.

Bosma Hoop Barn in Douglas, MA

Douglas Flea Market at the National historic register Bosma Dutch Hoop Barn (Photos by Tom Collins)





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