Brief History: The Bernat Mill was originally (in the 1800s) the J.R. & C.W. Scott Mill. In 1909 the Scotts sold the mill to C.A.Root and Louis Bachman of New York It operated at that time under the name of Uxbridge Worsted Company, Inc. During the early years the plant was renovated and added to extensively. After Mr Root's death in 1932 the name changed to Bachman-Uxbridge Worsted Corp.,.and operated as such until it was sold to Emile Bernat & Sons, Inc.in 1962.

The Capron Mill was built along the Mumford River facing the Bernat or Scott Mill. It was owned and operated in later years by Davis and Brown and bore that title "Davis& Brown Mill.The brown office building on Mendon Street just before the brick wall was their office. (by Mae Wrona of Uxbridge)

Fire Photos  These tenants need your help. If you have storage space, office supplies, art frames or supplies, please contact BlackstoneDaily@aol.com or the BV Chamber at 508-234-9090 and we'll make sure you are contacted. Thanks.


The Road to Recovery for Bernat Mill Tenants...Finding a New Home

 Potential tenants, burned out from the bernat Mill fire, were scouting area mills yesterday, including the Linwood Mill which is nearly vacant after Wild Bird Gardens closed shop roghly 7 months ago. Bill Gianopoulos, part owner of the Linwood Mill gave several interested parties a tour yesterday indicating that roughly 25,000 square ft is available on the first and second floor with about 10,000 available on the third and fourth floors. This historic mill is located about 5-7 minutes away from the Bernat Mill. Its owners had planned to build condos there until the market slowed for residential real estate.

The Stanley Woolen mill, another historic mill only a stone's throw from the former Bernat Mill will be ready to go in about six months, according to owner Nicholas Deane. The Milford Daily News has recently interviewed Deane.

Another beautiful historic mill is the Manchaug Mills where Vaillancourt Folk Art is located. Manager Neil Crites states that they have direct access to every floor and space is available in this lovely mill, located in Manchaug , Ma.

The Blackstone Valley Chamber and many others have been very helpful in addressing the emotions and needs of these tenants, burnt out in Saturday's (July 21, 2007) fire. In addition, governmental officials are working to declare this a federal emergency and approve grants and low cost loans.

The value of the mill was projected at $80 million, insurance held was $16 million. Most tenants did not have insurance and artists, such as Jim Sweet from Millbury, lost up to a million dollars worth of inventory. The rough estimate of the loss, projected by tenants knowing the approximate value of what was lost, project a loss of over a billion dollars.

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