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Blackstone River - Gorge State Park - Blackstone Cemetery - Town Hall - Roosevelt Park - St Paul's Cemetery - Precious Blood Cemetery - Forbush Park - Harris Pond - Reid Pond - St Stanislaus Cemetery - Picknelly Cemetery - St Charles Cemetery - Rush Pond - Polish National Cemetery - Michael's Cemetery - Bi- State Park - Blackstone Valley Boys & Girls Club

Elm Street, Blackstone, MA 01504 401-434-7218 fax: 401-434-7218
Contact: Harriet C. Sharp Email address:

Church St., Blackstone, MA 01504 401-883-7885 fax: 401-883-3075
Contact: Marc Greenwald Email address:

23 Main St, Blackstone, MA 01504 508-883-4821
Contact: Carolyn Powers

DANIELS FARMSTEAD - see photos by Tom Collins
286 Mendon St, Blackstone, MA 01504 508-726-2042 fax: 508-883-0242
Contact: Justine Brewer Email address:

 Daniels Farm Trail - In 1998, the Daniels Family, owners of a Blackstone 280 acre farm for well over 250 years, transferred ownership of their land to the Metacomet Land Trust. Other protected lands in the proximal area allows for connections with a trail network. The Daniels Farm Trail is eight miles in length and connects Mendon Town Forest with Blackstone Town Land and parcels owned by the State Division of Wildlife and Fisheries as well as to the Drumlin Trail.

Meet at The Blackstone Gorge parking lot on County Road, Blackstone, MA 01504 401-762-0250 / 762-0440
Walk through the Blackstone Gorge, the last remaining wild section of the river. See how glaciers created the river and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. 


Archive: Blackstone Middle School Enjoys 10/19/03 Dedication Ceremony

Churches:  St. Paul's on St. Paul Street and St. Theresa's on Rathburn Street, CHRIST COMMUNITY CHURCH
Church St., Blackstone, MA 01504
401-883-7885 fax: 401-883-3075
Contact: Marc Greenwald Email address:
Website: Town services include trash pickup and recycling at curbside. 


Blackstone Gorge - 50 acre area of scenic beauty at RI/MA border. Below a rolling dam, river narrows into a natural gorge and drops 20 feet through a rocky channel while cliffs are 100 feet over the water. EAstern hemlock, mountain laurel. Hiking, intermittent canoeing, fishing, recreation

Mill River Watershed ll Mill Housing ll Tupperware Mill

Blackstone Mill - moved to North Smithfield 1904

Congregational Church - Blackstone 1836

Blackstone Quaker Meeting House

Blackstone Block - 1849 - - bank, district court, shops, etc

Forge Site - ????Where - - saw and gristmill - early 18th c forge site



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