Contact 1500-1620

Native Americans - Nipmuc Village, large village center of seasonal rounds of hunters/gatherers. Indian trails

Early Settlement (see Mendon) 1620-75 no permanent settlements

Federal 1775-1830 Blackstone Canal opens

east-west road, ninth turnpike

1795 gristmills, sawmills, fulling mills, grain distillery, triphammers

bog iron extracting in ironstone area, also forge and triphammer, agricultural tools

brick making

Industrial productivity - industrial complex at Rogerson's Village, Crown & Eagle Mill, many mill villages

Capron first power looms of woolen cloth by Cumberland machine shop "Inventions in the Valley"

Satinets and cassimeres

First textile mills in 1810, wool carding and spinning

textile machines

Commerce - Providence merchants establish stores to exchange imported goods to local goods

Boston merchant began cotton mill opn Crown and Eagle site

Is in Providence economic sphere

Blackstone canal enhanced prosperity

Subscritpion library 1775

Uxbridge Social and Instructional Library

Social Library Society 1828

Blackstone Canal enhanced prosperity

Early Industrial 1830-70

P & W RR extends market reach

Religion - Unitarians, Baptists, Catholics

Textile production through Civil War

boot and shoe industry second most valuable