Ave. Tax Bill $2,379
Per Capita Income $14,660
Moody's Bond rating A2
Population 7,104
Total Crime rate p/1000 5.8
Founded 1746
Government Open Town Meeting
Government Board of Selectman
Government Executive Administrator
State Representative Paul Kujowski - (D) 508-278-5550
State Representative
State Senator Richard T. Moore - (D) 617-722-1420
Land Mass 36.4 Sq.Ml.
Population P/Sq. Mile 195
Web Address  
Web Address
Real Estate  
Ave. Sale Price 239,604
% Increase 2000-01 23.80%
Tax Rate Per Thousand  
Residential 15.56 P/Thousand
Industrial 15.56
Commercial 15.56
Personal Property 15.56
School System  
K-garten Starts 5 yr. As of Sept. 1
Student Population 1,436
Spending p/Student 4855
School Choice Yes
SAT Scores  
verbal 540
math 495
College Bound: 2-4 Yr. 78%
Drop out 0.20%
Vocational Blackstone Valley Regional
Phone Numbers  
Superintendent of Schools 508-476-7901
Special Education  
Town Hall 508-476-4008
Police 508-476-3333
Library 508-476-2695
Rubbish optional, town or private
Recycling voluntary
Cable Charter Communications 800-634-1008
Telephone Verizen 800-870-9999
Electric Mass Electric 888-211-1111
Water &Sewer Private
Parochial or Private Schools  
  Douglas State Park, Wallum Lake
Special Interest  


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