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Assets: Chestnut Hill Meeting House (historical), Blackstone River, Millville Lock (historical), Triad Bridge (historical), St. Paul's Church, St. John's Church

Chestnut Hill Road, Millville, MA 01529 (On the corner of Thayer and Chestnut Hill Road)
. 01529 508-883-7079
Contact: Margaret Carroll

The Chestnut Hill Meeting House is the oldest meeting house in Massachusetts to survive in its original condition. It was constructed in 1769 from native timber felled nearby and milled by local residents. Located on Route 122-A, the Meeting House served a dual purpose for the residents of south Mendon. People worshipped here, and gathered to discuss politics and other issues affecting their town, commonwealth, and country. Using the Meeting House for multiple purposes was also practical since it saved residents a longer trip to the town center in First Parish (Mendon).

Today, the Meeting House looks much the same as it did in 1769, with its exterior of white clapboard siding, natural cedar shingles, and simple but elegant interior. Shifting town boundaries have placed the building in Mendon, Blackstone, and now Millville. There are 330 burial sites of early settlers and revolutionary soldiers. 

How did the Chestnut Hill Meeting House exist in three towns? See story 

Corner of Central and Hope St, Millville, MA 01529
401-762-0250 fax: 401-762-0530
Contact: Stephen V. Giardini Email address:

1.5 mile walking tour

63 Central Street, Millville, MA 01529
Contact: Margaret Carroll

A small Gothic Revival structure built by members of a large Swedish community, which has served Methodist and Baptist congregations since 1964. Now it serves the community as the New Hope Baptist Church. Ample parking adjunct to 49 Central Street.

49 Central St., Millville, MA 01529
Contact: Margaret Carroll

A fabulous church designed by noted architect, Richard Upjohn. The granite block structure is distinguished by a parapet tower with a pair of belfry gables. Ample parking area adjunct to the church.



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