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The Worcester Business Journal reports in their Annual Fact Book that Massachusetts ranks 13th in the country for population, but 7th for educational attainment and 4th for average annual pay. Worcester County has 646,352 persons or 11% of the State's total while Middlesex county, with 24.6% of the total has a population in excess of 1,367,000. Northbridge started off in 1990 as the most populated Blackstone Valley town with 13,371 as compared to Grafton's 13,035 but current and expected growth places Grafton's population  at several thousand more than Northbridge by 2010.

There has been a 29% increase in ten years with SAT scores in Massachusetts with 79% of students participating. This is the highest increase in the Northeast although New Hampshire overall scores a little higher than Mass but with 72% participation. Grafton's over 25 population of 10,040 nets 2,707 with a HS diploma,884 with an associates degree, 2301 with a BA or BS, and 1,188 with a graduate or professional degree. 

The breakdown of costs per pupil by grade indicate a declining cost per student with a $7,821 expenditure for each Pre-K student down to a $5260 cost per student for the High School. These pre-K and K costs are substantially higher than most other schools in the region but the per student cost for the older grades is considerably less than the norm for the region, according to Worcester Business Journal's assessment. Blackstone Valley Regional's MCAS scores were the best vocational school results  throughout Metrowest and Worcester County areas. The average teacher salary in Mass is $46,300 with many States lower, but 7-8 states higher. There are 68,000 teachers in Massachusetts. Connecticut, with a little more than half our population has 40,400 teachers while Indiana, with only a couple hundred thousand less in population has 58,700 teachers. 

Average payroll for other sectors within the business economy range from $29,588 for wholesale and retail trades, $46,559 for manufacturing and $34,465 for service industries per worker. Grafton's median income for both males and females is ahead of Blackstone, Millbury, Millville, Northbridge but falls below Sutton, Upton, Mendon and is split on males vs. female in the other Valley communities of Douglas, Hopedale, Uxbridge. Grafton males average income was $56,020 and females stood at $48,016 in Year 2000. Top BV town for incomes was Upton with $78,595 for males and $66,734 for females. Unemployed ranged from 3.1% to 4.1% with Grafton falling at 3.5% for Year 2001. 

Perhaps the most startling differences within the Worcester County entire region is the number of building permits for communities within the Metrowest and Worcester County regions for Year 2001. Eliminating Worcester which had 273 units, Grafton's figures of 166 new permits scalded Shrewsbury's 127 and the other Valley communities which ranged from Blackstone's 26, Douglas 58, Hopedale 33, Mendon 37, Millbury 40, Millville 25, Northbridge 64, Sutton 54, Upton 59, Uxbridge 73.  Residential sales of existing homes ranged from Grafton's high of 408 which was 100-250 more than other BV towns with the exception of Uxbridge's 356.