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Blackstone Valley Forum

   ***We shall delete any messages that contain the following: rude or offensive language, mistruths, overgeneralizations or stereotypes, advertisements or personal ads, and lastly, repetitiveness or unrelated information. Blackstone Daily's forum accepts no responsibility for any submittals, but will respond  by deleting such statements as soon as possible. 

Each Blackstone Valley community has a unique, but connected history which will expand regionally as traffic infrastructure, aquifer needs and land use zoning require a broader, more collaborative approach. We seek your opinions, facts and feelings regarding the past or on issues facing our communities today as we go through unprecedented growth.  We kindly invite you to participate in some of the initial areas of discussion or feel free to bring new issues to the table. Please keep in mind that although you might share differing views, it is important to state them in a respectful manner. We are hopeful that constructive and intelligent discourse can create innovative solutions.

Remember, be respectful!