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To post an event in our well-read calendar that also interconnects with many other socialweb calendars across central MA and beyond,  create a user name and password here,  post your event and then wait until next morning for approval and posting of event on calendar. Thanks.

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Journeys and loves to hear from its readers. Please e-mail letters, press releases to Please include your name and organization (if applicable) if you’d like your letter considered for publication.

Submission guidelines

Journeys and, both locally owned and operated under Blackstone Daily News,  are always  interested in feature articles, essays,  photography and artwork on a wide range of subjects, provided the information is relevant and timely for the Blackstone River Valley, Corridor Nine or Worcester County region. The paper will also consider submissions from people who live outside of the region on subject matter relating to the aforementioned regions. We are interested in the work of both established and emerging writers and artists. We do not publish fiction at this time.

Essays are typically 750-1,000 words; feature articles can be even longer. We seek pieces that are thoughtful, provocative and unusual; if you address a mainstream topic, do it in a way we haven’t seen before. Manuscripts should be type-written and double-spaced, and accompanied by a postage-paid, self-addressed return envelope. We will even consider paying a small stipend for some articles.

Blackstone Daily News does not consider simultaneous submissions or work that has been previously published or accepted for publication (work that has appeared on-line is considered to have been previously published). We read submissions sent via  fax but rarely re-type them for publication, so please send your files by email to  

Blackstone Daily News is interested in both individual photographs of breathtaking quality or an unusual nature, and photographic essays organized around a compelling idea or topic. Include a brief statement and bio.

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2. Address all queries, manuscripts and artwork examples to:

  Blackstone Daily News, Inc., 23 Fay Mt Rd, Grafton, MA 01519



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