1. Ecumenical-- way before their time. Twelve Churches in Northbridge with land.
2. Treated each of their workers with utmost respect. Many examples recorded.
3. Hired anyone, regardless of Creed, Race, or National Origin.
4. Built 989 units of housing for their employees. Rent was cheap or non-existent.
5. Had 7 Vice Presidents who were “problem solvers” and kept everyone working.
6. The Whitins planned ahead, showed true grit and determination, and set examples.
7. Never shut down their Plant for an extended period of time since 1831.
8. E. Kent Swift would go around the factory each Friday and greet the workers.
9. They built places in Town because they wanted to settle here for generations.
10. The Whitins hired the best woodworkers and craftsmen from England they found.
11. John Crane, a “workaholic” , and a Sunday School Teacher, besides being an Inventor, also used his home as a Hospital to treat Diphtheria patients who were also his workers.
12. There were 2 Blue Eagle Inns.
13. The Whitins sponsored more groups and clubs than any other Textile Family.
14. After WWII they “poured their capital” into Athletics for their Townspeople.
15. This Author has not seen an employee who was not proud of his work in The Shop.
16. The Whitin Male Glee Club epitomized the Whitin Spirit during the 1950’s.
17. Baseball was at its best during the 1930’s through the 1950’s in the Valley.
18. Chester Lasell raised prized horses at Oakhurst Farm as a C.E.O. of the WMW.
19. Many Whitin buildings and homes are included in the National Historic Register.
20. George Marston Whitin was a beloved CEO and Humanitarian in Northbridge.
21. Four Whitins were honored and served in World War II.
22. Each Town Department was started and maintained by the Whitin Family.
23. The not-so-Great Hall of the Town of Northbridge is a “gem” that needs polishing.
24. The Whitins cared deeply about the Education and Nourishment of their employees.
25. Castle Hill Farm, a treasure and now a State Preservation Site, is a direct link to the past of the Dutch Christian Community.

NOW THE REAL QUESTION IS THIS-- What have you done lately to help cherish and preserve the Whitin Spirit ???


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