Q. When was the Whitin Machine Works at full capacity?
A. "By 1948, (after a strike called in Jan. 1946) The Shop was operating at peak capacity, employing 5,615 men and women."

Q. How many total units of housing were constructed by the Whitins for their workers?
A-"After Leland Rd., Woodland, Summit, and Church Street developments were added, there were 100 more units completed. This now resulted in 989 total housing units owned and built by the company."

Q. How many singing members in the Whitin Male Glee Club were present for the group photo taken in March 1950?

  A. There were seventy Whitin Male Glee Club singing members present for this photo, in addition to pianists Leo Robinson and Cynthia Brown Fournier. A trio consisting of three female soloists: Marion Gonlag McCooey, Alice Bloem and Luella Ballentine were also there, in addition to the famous conductor C. Alexander Peloquin. (Source: The Whitin Spindle, Vol. III #3, pp. 8-10 (March issue; hard-bound copies available at Whitinsville Social Library. This writer will furnish all individual names, upon written request)

Q.: Who was Floreen Russell Campbell and what did she do at the Whitin Machine Works?
A. She was one of several girls who worked on "The Shop's" freight railroad back in 1919. Her photo appeared in The Whitin Spindle, vol. I #11 (Dec. 1948).

Q. Who was the original "popcorn man" of "The Shop," in the early 1950's, and where did he operate his stand?
A. Alan Edward Blizard had his popcorn stand set up on the corner of "The Shop's" parking lot near Grove St., near an exit. But later on, one of Alan's sons married Lucien Thibeault's daughters, and he became the "popcorn man" of Rockdale, at the bottom of Sutton St. And it was great popcorn for only twenty-five cents!

(Source: "History of Whitinsville," written by Kenneth M. Warchol, Chairman, Northbridge Historical Commission. Printed by Eagle Printing Co., Whitinsville, MA. Copies available at the town hall.)

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